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China had become one of the most well defended country. They'd closed their borders completely, calling all citizens to serve in an army. The wall was patched up, and extended where needed. The wall was the biggest challenge. It extended so far and nothing could get over it. None of the many sons and daughters of Ciri could get over that wall. The country was tightly sealed. China had seen what became of America, Japan, and Britain.

The Chinese made a rice powder they poured over the wall regularly. All to make sure they could see the males when they became invisible. Coming by sea wasn't an option. They kept the water electrified with live wires. A difficult set up to maintain but efficient in deterring any of the aliens.

The entire country was on lockdown. The Chinese didn't know what to do about the rest of the world. They just wanted to survive in their own country. Certain people were allowed to have internet. Ling maintained a communications channel with other countries attempting to survive. So that the government could watch news and see what was going on the outside. She was surfing the web playing a few computer games while her home was kept well guarded. It was a secret that Ling was on the internet. Many people would come after Ling just for the chance to talk to their loved ones.

Ling was surfing the darkweb when she found a little site in a corner. With only a few lines.

“Hello. My name is Shark. I live in Japan.”

Ling stared at the words, sucking on a lollipop as she tried to decide how to proceed. She finally took a risk.

“Hello, Shark. My name is Ling. I live in China. Are you a survivor in Japan?”

“I live here. I survived terrible trials at birth.”

Ling wasn't sure if this person was deliberately avoiding answering.

“Ling? Are you a girl or a boy? I am a girl.”

Ling didn't answer. She had a feeling that her superiors might frown on this conversation with the outside. But what if this was one of the aliens? She might learn something!

“I am a girl. Shark, are you human?”

Silence. Ling stared with anticipation making her forget the candy in her mouth. The lack of an answer was driving her wild!

“Honestly? No. I am one of the others.”

“Does your kind have a name?”

“I guess we call ourselves the Ciri. That is the name of our first mother.”

Ling felt like she might fall out of her chair. She turned off the monitor and moved away, breathing fast. This creature was talking to her completely civil! Ling had suspected that the media was lying about these creatures being mindless animals. But now she had proof! Unless this was a person messing with her. It was hard to trace anything on the dark Web.

Ling went to the kitchen to get something to drink. She had to think about what was happening. What could she accomplish by talking to this being? Could she convince them to stop their assault on China? Could she convince them to stop invading the rest of the world and leave humanity in peace?

After Ling returned to her monitor. She saw that Shark had asked where she went several times.

“I am here. Sorry but I got a little scared.”

“I understand. After all, I bet everyone is afraid.”

“They bombed parts of Japan. I heard they even used nuclear weapons.”

“They used one. A Lot of us died. But the fallout doesn't bother us like other things. We are made to withstand and survive nuclear radiation.”

Ling was reeling. This creature was so honest with her.

“Why are you so honest?”

“In the past few months China has stood its ground. My family is impressed by it. I was hoping to get to know someone from there. We will get in eventually but for now I'd love to talk.”

Ling and Shark talked long into the night. Ling promised to talk again same time the next day. As she turned off her computer, she was starting to wonder if these creatures were so bad.

In the morning she had to file a report with her bosses about everything she saw online.

Her trip to work involved being driven by security to a secure location. The military building was where the communications officers all worked. She got out of the car and adjusted her business attire, walking in flanked by the security guards. She had a flash drive in hand as she sat down in a chair next to the door to her boss’s office.

Ling wasn't sure how to approach the subject of Shark. Her boss was an older man balding. He'd lost his entire family to the creatures. His wife had become a breeding cow and had to be killed. They'd been living in Hawaii. He had come home shortly before the aliens began to spread.

Ling learned all of this in her internet research. He beckoned her inside and she sat at the chair in front of the desk. He sat as well after taking the file from her. “Anything to report?”

“Russia is reporting that the creatures haven't been able to infiltrate thanks to the cold. And India remains untouched. Kazakistan has started experiencing invasion as well. That is how they are coming at us. Half the country is gone. But there is something else.”

The boss was looking over the page. He looked up at her. “What is it?”

Ling chewed on her lip. “There is still internet servers up in America. I believe that the aliens are watching the internet.”

He shut the folder, staring at her with evident shock. “If they gain further intelligence then they could invade. I'll have to handle what is presented on the media. This is good work, Ling.”

Ling smiled, “I was thinking. What if we could communicate with these beings? We could try to gain pe-”

“Absolutely not.”

“But sir-”

“No, Ling! You are a good asset but you will avoid any communication attempts. These creatures must remain out of our country and out of the heads of our citizens. You are dismissed.”



Ling left her job feeling like she had been defeated. She was hoping to learn something from Shark. She still felt like there was something to learn. After that she spent the day cleaning house and trying to decide what to ask next. Ling always cooked food for the guards that watched over her. She also thought about what they'd discussed last night. Shark had talked about why the humans were being killed off. From an outside perspective it made sense. Humans were destroying the world. Pollution was at an all time high, garbage was insane… it was all too much.

When she turned on her computer, Shark was already waiting.

“Hello, Shark.”

“Hi, Ling!”

“I thought about what you said. It makes sense. But could you leave one country at peace?”

“They would never be happy to leave us and live. If we left one place untouched then the humans there would try to find a weapon to kill us. And there isn't a weapon existing here that doesn't damage the environment too. I have to protect my family above all.”

“I understand. But what if you could find peace with us?”

“How could anyone ever make peace with a creature that must eat exclusively them to survive? My kind can't eat any other meat.”

Ling was starting to see that this was a lost cause. They were on different sides of the argument.

“I should report you to my supervisors.”

“If you want to. But I thought we were making good friends. I wanted to talk about sparing you when we get inside.”

Ling paused at that. This girl wanted to save her?


“We have a few people on the inside already who want to see the humans vanish. Soon we will begin our final assault. I wish to send you a special package.”

“What kind of package?”

“It is the only way you will survive when we come. Because we are coming soon. I tracked your location. I want you to go to the supermarket. And this is what you'll do…”

Ling read the instructions and shut off her computer. She went to bed that night troubled. What could she do? If they invaded then she would die with the rest. But it would be betraying her country!

The market was busy in the morning. Ling wound her way through crowds. Her protective detail was following right beside her. She found her way to a holistic medicine store. Ling hated shopping here. Ground up rhino horn and other horrible fake remedies littered places like this. She stopped at the door and turned to the men. “I need privacy here. Just stay by the door.”

Ling stepped inside and shut the door. There was an old man there who looked up and smiled to her. “Welcome miss. How can I help you?”

Ling walked to the counter. “I'm looking for… Ciri tea.”

The old man dropped his fake smile. He nodded and said, “I will be right back.” He stepped into a back room, returning a minute later. He had a tea box in hand. “Drink it as you would any other tea. May the shark swim for shore very soon.” He gave it to her.

Ling left the store with the box in hand. Her protective detail inspected her package to make sure it was safe. It looked like normal tea so she wasn't worried about what they'd find. They returned home so she could cook the meals for her security. And all the while she was cooking, her eyes would return to that box.

Ling was having a hard time deciding what to do. She could report to her superiors and they would arrest the shop keeper. He'd spend time in a dungeon being tortured for information on the other operatives. But they might be too late to stop the inevitable.

But didn't that outline just how bad people were? An old man would endure horrible torture and probably die for his crimes. And the aliens would still eventually kill them off. Ling would die with them. She put the box in a cabinet, unable to decide on her course of action.

Ling heard a ping come from her computer. It was on? She moved to the keyboard.

Hello, Ling.

Ling frowned at it. “Hello, Shark.”

“Did you get the package?”

“I did. But what will it do to me?”

“It will make you glow. It is a special new formula that will make you very happy. You will live out your life with joy.”

Why was Shark being so cryptic? She had a feeling the alien wasn't about to tell her the truth. Maybe the formula was something she wouldn't approve of. But she decided to change the subject.

“I have a question.”

“Go ahead and ask.”

“How come you are targeting China so hard?”

There was silence for a long moment. Then the typing began. “The longer your country resists, the more others think they can take us. Also there is a high population there.”

Ling leaned back in her chair. “I got to go, Shark.”

“Ling wai-”

Ling turned off her computer and went about making dinner. But as she was working, a phone call arrived. Her boss was calling to… fire her. After he hung up she was in shock. They'd come in tomorrow to shut off her internet. Ling would only have the protective detail until then.

After dinner she opened the box and pulled out a packet. Ling had no idea what would happen when she drank this tea but what else did she have? Ling took the boiling water off the stove and dumped in the tea. It was odd little balls that turned the water into a white color as it melted. Ling took a sip and sighed. It tasted delicious. She drank down the whole cup, knowing that there was no turning back now.

Ling washed up dishes. But while she washed, she felt exceptionally tired. She crawled into bed without getting online that night. Her belly felt bloated and the skin was tight. She eventually fell to sleep with her belly slowly pushing out.

Ling woke partway through the night and rubbed her belly. The feeling left her moaning and wet. It was tight and slightly round. She rubbed at her new bump in a half asleep state as she felt more and more aroused. It was wholly erotic as her fingers went down and around to her clitoris.

She rubbed furiously at her clitoris, gasping and trying to keep quiet to avoid her protective detail coming in. She squeezed a breast which felt tender. But despite the pain it made her more aroused. Her rubbing got faster and faster until finally she felt her body give way to an orgasm. She moaned and arched her back. It had washed over her like a wave until she fell to sleep wholly satisfied.


Not a new approach. But they had help this time. Along the beaches of China there was a mass of defenses set up. They had automatic guns trained on the water and special lines that could be dropped in to cause an electric shock. It was never truly strong enough to kill one but to paralyze them long enough to be shot. It was effective.

Tonight was different. Shark was smart. She saw things in a way even grandmother Ciri couldn't imagine. Instead of destroying from the outside, Shark had suggested destroying from within. Ling was only one of many that Shark had convinced to help. Though Ling was special. She had a new experimental serum that Shark had designed herself.

The lights on the beach turned off. The rain provided low visibility. The soldiers were tense. They watched as the ocean ripped and roared. One soldier walked over to a group inside a bunker type room. He moved to the man sitting at the screens for the automatic gun turrets. “Seems quiet out there tonight.”

The technician was busy typing away on a keyboard. “Yes. But it looks as if we have a power outage. Can you go see if the grid box is wet?”

The soldier didn't move. The technician turned to him. “What is it?”

The soldier slammed the technician in the face with the butt of his gun. The technician slumped out of the chair. The soldier got into his seat, and took the controls.

Outside the control room, on the beach, soldiers were patrolling when they noticed the turrets moving around. They usually faced the water with soldiers standing behind them. But the turrets turned around, facing the soldiers. Then they began to fire. Men and women screamed as they were shot down. A handful of soldiers were able to hide while the guns took down an entire squad in seconds. The guns turned off leaving the beach eerily quiet.

Then a wave washed in, bringing with it the aliens. They rushed to the warm meat to eat their fill after swimming for hours. About twenty in all. All hungry. The soldier came out of the control room after shutting everything down. He walked out to the creatures and saluted one of the males.

The male shot out one of his tails into the soldier. The soldier stumbled back as his uniform started to tighten. His face ballooned as his fat and muscle cells began to multiply. He reached for his belt, trying to get it off with labored breaths as his belly got tighter and tighter. But his arms began to swell quickly and soon he couldn't reach his belly. Fat bulged out below and above the belt which refused to give up. His swelling body was quickly swallowing his arms and legs. But he felt his skin starting to bruise around the belt. It cut open his skin and caused bleeding.

Finally with a loud snap the belt burst free and his body continued its growth to enormous proportions. Soon the man became a giant ball of fat. One of the aliens snapped his neck to reduce his suffering, then they all began to eat.

That was when one of the surviving soldiers rushed out and began to fire. The others joined him, bellowing as they fired. Others had heard the gunfire and were rushing to join in the fray.

Shark felt bad for using her siblings as bait. With the beach empty in other places, nobody knew when Shark and her team got out of the water. Only a handful of allies knew. There was a woman with a van that Shark and her team got in. They had reached China.


Ling woke in the morning feeling cold. The reason why became obvious as she had kicked all her blankets off. She struggled to sit up and turned on a light, only to gasp as the sight before her. Her belly had swelled out by six inches. She stared at it with shock. She placed a hand on her belly, thinking about the tea she had made yesterday. Was this what it did?

A strange warmth overcame her. She was going to be a mother. Shark wanted her alive for this purpose. Ling got up, fastening a robe over herself. Ling loved men's robes so it wrapped around her really well. She went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. The protective detail was gone. The internet was shut off. Ling had little to do but play games and cook. She made herself an enormous meal. But her mouth watered for the tea. She pulled out another packet.

But what would happen if she had more than one? She took out a second packet to drop the balls into her hot water. Ling ate first, eating up everything she made. There was a lot. By the time she was done, her belly was several inches bigger. She rubbed it and gave a moan, loving how tight it felt. Ling drank her tea, loving the flavor. She drank several gulps down then sat back to watch tv.

The robe cord felt tight. She looked down and watched as her belly began to visibly swell. It grew outwards forcing the cord open steadily. But more than that was her breasts which had begun to swell. She panted heavily as they got tighter and bigger. She was so aroused but couldn't reach her vagina. Already she looked full term with a baby. She took the tea and drank the rest down in several large gulps. The growth sped up until the rope gave up the fight and came loose. Her belly became exposed to the air as did her breasts.

When her belly finally slowed down and came to a stop Ling was full sized with twins. At least that was what she assumed. She fondled her breasts and gave a deep moan at how good they felt. It sent sharp spikes all along her vagina. She felt like she was close to another orgasm.

Ling tried to reach for her vagina but her belly was in the way. She just had to sit there moaning and rubbing her breasts. The feeling was bliss. She began to feel a hot burning in her nipples. Just as milk came dripping out, she felt an immense orgasm rip through her. Ling moaned and squealed with delight as her entire body shook. She slumped back in the couch and her eyes drifted to sleep once again.


Shark watched a human male swelling up more rapidly. “It looks like the serum I have you has made the growth much faster.”

The alien watched the swelling human. “Indeed.” One of the pregnant aliens fell on the human, taking huge bites as her own belly was growing with babies to overrun china.

Shark gave a nod of her head. “I'm going after Ling. Once I have her then we can begin in earnest. She must be protected.” Shark had to get to Ling. She handed over a vial full of the white beads she had delivered to Ling. “Slip this into our sister's drinks. They need to start breeding fast. We want to take over this country quickly.”

The male took the vial. “When are you going to begin breeding?”

Shark grinned, “When I am certain.”


Ling woke a couple hours later feeling like a million dollars. She looked down at her belly which looked swollen with triplets. Her breasts were already D sized and starting to droop to either side. She rubbed her big ball of flesh and babies. She couldn't wait for Shark to come. These babies were for her after all. Ling struggled to her feet and waddled to the mirror in the hallway. She gazed in the mirror and noticed that she had gained weight elsewhere as well. Her legs were thicker, arms rounder, face puffier. She looked gorgeous! But Shark would want her fatter for sure.

So Ling made her decision. She waddled to the kitchen and pulled out the box of tea. She put water on to boil, and began opening every packet. She poured it all into her tea cup. Every last packet.

The tea pot began to boil. It whistled at her. She took it off the stove, pouring the hot water over the little balls of joy. While she waited for the water to cool down, Ling moved to the living room and pushed furniture out. Oddly her body was far stronger so this task was easy. The livingroom was the biggest room in the house with a high ceiling. Her house was built more americanized than others. She didn't know how big she'd get but it was worth it to clear the room if everything but the tv. Which she turned on to her favorite channel.

Ling returned to the kitchen to find that the water was cool enough. She wanted to drink it down all at once. Ling looked to the tea knowing there was no turning back now. Her body was forever belonging to Shark and the aliens. She drank it all down in a few gulps. By the end of the last gulp she lost her grip on the cup. Because her fingers had swelled and become fat. She almost fell over as her belly lurched forward. It became a ruckus inside as her babies kicked and squirmed for more room. She was getting heavy fast.

Her undies tore under the pressure as yer ass grew in size. She turned around and began waddling slowly toward the living room. Her belly was leading the way as her breasts became a steady stream of milk. She reached the opening between the dining room and the living room, and barely got through before her belly was too wide. She got stuck, her waist growing larger and larger. It took some wiggling to push herself through.

Ling finally made it to the living room. Her waddle was getting harder as her legs grew fatter and fatter. She sat on her ever widening rear, gasping at how much the babies were blowing up in size. But it was so orgasmic. She was moaning heavily as her body kept blowing up with fat. She rocked a little on the ground. Her muscles kept growing stronger to handle the weight. She laid on her back just in time as her legs were engulfed into fat and belly. Even her breasts were ceasing to be balloons and becoming part of the ball of flesh. She could listen to the tv as her body kept swelling out. Her feet disappeared into the ball of flesh.

Ling finally stopped swelling as her hands and fingers vanished into the ball. Her extremities absorbed into the enormous mass of fat and babies. She sighed, feeling a deep seated contentment. This was what she was meant for. To satisfy the hunger of Shark and her family. Ling felt the babies moving inside and her excitement increased knowing how beautiful she looked. Shark would be so pleased.

Suddenly she felt a wash of an intense orgasm. Ling cried out with delight at how strong it was. It was a few minutes later and another orgasm swept over her. She screamed with delight and felt a gush of fluids. Ling couldn't see but she knew. Her water just broke.


Shark was invisible. A gift mother had given her. She looked to the house where Ling was living. But she could hear the moans of delight coming from inside. Shark moved to a window to see a ball of flesh. She could hear crying inside from babies. The males with her went to the door to tend to the birthing process.

Shark opened a window and crawled in. Ling looked to her. “Sh-sh-sh-sh-ark?” Ling moaned again as a contraction pushed out another baby.

Shark became visible, rubbing the girl’s fat head. “It's me. You took all the tea I see. Such a good cow.”

Ling panted as another orgasm/contraction rolled through her. “You were right. I'm so happy. Oh god I never want this to e-END!” She grunted as she pushed out yet another baby. They were coming fast. Shark was delighted with how well this had worked.

“The formula in your tea has changed you. It changes the future too. Your babies will be born big and fat. In six months they will be adults and fat enough to feed quite a few. Your babies will have very slow metabolisms. And their minds are going to be different. As is yours. They will be obedient.”

Ling couldn't respond. She was hot and sweaty from the orgasmic pleasure.

“Once every hundred babies or so one little baby will be born. Normal by human standards. This is a breeding girl. She will reach adulthood in six months and then will begin growing babies. She will be born with the ability to become pregnant. And then there is your milk.” She looked to the milk pooling in the floor.

“Let's just say that the milk of you and your breeding daughters will have some very special effects. You were the test, Ling. Your pain receptors have changed. Every contraction will be orgasmic. I wanted every one of the new breeding cows to experience absolute pleasure. For the rest of your life Ling.”

Ling’s eyes rolled back in her head as she said in a breathy whisper, “thank you. Thank you. Oh god… thank you.” She could barely think.

Shark smiled as she rubbed the massive ball of flesh. “This is the key. You, Ling, are the key to the world. All countries will fall now.” Shark could feel grandmother Ciri’s pride. Shark had plans for the human world that took her mother away. All of it began here.

All of the kingdoms would fall.
Shark begins her own plans for the world that took her mother away.
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